I am a behaviourist and trainer, Championship show judge in German Shepherds and judge Leonbergers at open show level. I have three German Shepherds and two Leonbergers. I have made up a Champion with my German Shepherds and handled both my own and other dogs gaining their stud book numbers.

I have been training dogs for over thirty years in both obedience and ringcraft. I run dog training classes and also do one to one behaviour sessions. I have now qualified as an Applied Canine Pharmacognosist following training with Caroline Ingraham, where dogs self-select oils, powders and herbs to medicate and bring themselves into a better balance and well-being. This is a complimentary therapy and is not meant to take the place of a vet.

I have been on many courses run by different types of training however I have found that the one method that has transformed many dogs and owners was brought about from my learning with Sheila Harper Ltd where I undertook the IDBTS now called the IPACS course.

From learning with Sheila and Winny, both Jenny and myself have transformed our understanding of dogs and their owners to concentrate on a dog having the ability to develop life skills and to be a dog! I have also completed their IPACS2 course run by Sheila Harper Ltd, developing our skills from the foundation course taken earlier. I would recommend any of Sheila’s courses.


During the course of a full time professional career, and bringing up a family, I continued to be, and still am, actively involved in owning dogs and dog behaviour and I assist Pat at training classes and one to one behaviour.

I have attended several dog related courses but, like Pat, the one that transformed my understanding of dogs was when I studied at Sheila Harper Ltd. and successfully completed the International Programme for Applied Canine Study Parts 1 and 2.  IPACS 1 covered; canine body language and behaviour, teaching pet dog owners, understanding real life skills, including social skills, problem solving skills and practical work with dogs (handling skills and in-depth case studies). IPACS 2 covered; real life social skills, real life problem solving skills and real life handling skills (challenging handling).  I have also completed several Continued Professional Development courses with Sheila Harper Ltd.